Special Issue: Baudrillard and War

Guest Editor: Dr. Dan Oberg, Department of Military Science, Swedish Defense College, Stockholm, Sweden.

We are a long way from annihilation, holocaust and atomic apocalypse, the total war which functions as the archaic imagination of media hysteria. …Just as wealth is no longer measured by the ostentation of wealth but the secret circulation of speculative capital, so war is not measured by being waged but by it speculative unfolding in an abstract, electronic and informational space, the same space in which capital moves (Baudrillard, The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, 1995: 56).


Dan Oberg. Baudrillard and War


Ibrahim Al-Marashi. The 2003 Iraq War Did Not Take Place: A First Person Perspective on Government Intelligence and Iraq’s WMD Program

Alan Cholodenko. Apocalyptic Animation: In the Wake of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Godzilla, and Baudrillard.

Ryan Artrip amd Francoix Debrix. The Digital Fog of War: Baudrillard and the Violence of Representation

Michal Klosinski. What is the “Place” of War?

Astrid Norden. Radical Exoticism: Baudrillard and Others’ Wars

Dan Oberg. Forget Clausewitz

William Pawlett. Society At War With Itself

Alan Shapiro. Jean Baudrillard and Albert Camus on the Simulacrum of Taking a Stance on War

Samuel Strehle. A Poetic Anthropology of War: Jean Baudrillard and the 1991 Gulf War.

Andreja Zevnik. War Porn: An Image of Perversion and Desire in Modern Warfare


Gerry Coulter. Baudrillard’s War