True alterity is what you become, never what you are (Jean Baudrillard Exiles From Dialogue. Polity, 2007: 24).


Katherina Niemeyer Interview with Bauderillard (2004)


Biko Agozino. Isiokwu: The Simulacra of the Simulacra — The Obscenity of Nollywood Films

Gerry Coulter. Concepts and Catastrophes — Jean Baudrillard’s Paul Virilio

Max Vazquez Dominguez. Simulacrum and Latin Illegal Immigration in the USA

Maximiliano Korstanje, Peter Tarlow, and Geoffrey Skoll. Disasters in Post Modern Times — The 2011 Japan Earthquake

Charles Mueller. Guitar Virtuoisty and Gender Play: Jeff Beck’s Recent Recordings and Performances With Female Artists and Baudrillard’s Understanding of Gender

Laura Smith. The Poetic Image — An Essay on Walter Benjamin’s Fragmented Eternal


Justin MacIntosh. Symbolic Exchange, Method Assemblage and Sacrificial Death — An Alternative Reading of ‘Hillsborough’

Book Review

Maximiliano Korstanje. Reivew of Jacques Ellul

From the Web

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World Cup 2014: Baudrillard saves France from Defeat to Germans [footy Cartoon]: [In cartoon land France wins!]

Joseph Nechvatel: From Photography to Post Photography [An exhibition of work at Galerie Omnius, Arles France (The show is over now but some interesting images remain on the website):

The Evangelist Matthew and Baudrillard’s The Mirror of Production at The Ships of Hagoth: An Experiment in Critical Theory