“A friend has died. The death of a friend finds its own justification a posteriori: it makes the world less liveable, and therefore renders his absence from this world less painful. It alters the world in such a way that he would no longer have his place in it. Others outlive themselves into a world which is no longer theirs. Some know how to slip away at the apposite moment. Their death is a stroke of cleverness: it makes the world more enigmatic, more difficult to understand than it was when they were alive – which is the true task of thought”
– Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories IV (2003: 65)

Dr Gerry Coulter

Richard G. Smith. The A to Z of Baudrillard: Remembering Gerry Coulter’s Scholarship.

Jon Baldwin. Imperfect, saggy animals.
Alan Cholodenko. An Appreciation of Gerry Coulter.
Joseph Cunningham. Infinity Mirror: Marx through Baudrillard through Coulter.
Jonathan Fardy. Impossible Exchange: For Gerry Coulter.
Brian J Gogan. Another Kind of High Priest: Gerry Coulter as Indexer.
Kip Kline. Playing (Very Seriously) with Toys: Gerry Coulter on Baudrillard, Writing, and Film.
Keith Moser. “Alternative Facts” Trump Reality in American Presidential Politics? A Baudrillardian Analysis of the Present Crisis of Simulation.
Francesco Proto. Doubling Baudrillard – An Appreciation of Gerry Coulter’s Writings on Architecture.
Diane Rubenstein. Passings: Gerry Coulter – Learning from Examples.
Nick Ruiz. Where the Difficulty Lies.
Alan N. Shapiro. Gerry Coulter, Sophie Calle and Baudrillard’s “Pursuit in Venice”.
Laura Smith. For Gerry: Joy at the Horizon.
Alex Wade. The Midnight Sun of the Cold War: Terror and World War Three in Theatre Europe.

Final Publications (Reprints of two of Gerry Coulter’s final publications)
Gerry Coulter (2017). Baudrillard in the Future.
Gerry Coulter (2016). Žižek and Baudrillard on Terrorism.

Book Review
Keith Moser. Review of ‘Jean Baudrillard: From the Ocean to the Desert, or the Poetics of Radicality’.

Gerry Coulter: A Bibliographic Guide

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