Baudrillard, Religion, Theology. Edited by Jon Baldwin and James Walters.


Jon Baldwin. Digital Religion: Blessed are the Heretics!

Michael Grimshaw. Paulrillard: reading Paul though Baudrillard

John Iliopoulos. From Baudrillard to Orthodox Spirituality

Mike King. Religion and a Hermeneutics of Suspicion Denied

Martin Schwarzenbacher and Lisa Kottas. This Paper is Cursed by Hyper-Voodoo!: On the Coloniality of Hyper-Real Religions

Wesley Sutermeister. Apocalyptic Scandal: A Critical Reading of the Book of Revelation as a Simulation of Integral Reality

Paul-Francois Tremlett. Effervescence and Implosion in the Sociologies of Emile Durkheim and Jean Baudrillard: Towards a Sociology of Religion at the End of the Social

Ben Trubody. ‘Don’t Immanentize the Eschaton’: Baudrillard and Fundamentalism


Jon Baldwin. Is God an Object? Interview with Graham Harman

Jon Baldwin. Hyper-real Religion. An interview with Adam Possamai

Jon Baldwin. Which God(s) do you (not) believe in? An interview with Christopher Watkin

James Walters. Afterword

International Journal of Baudrillard Studies Lecture for Gerry Coulter
Opening keynote for the 2nd International and Multidisciplinary Conference on Baudrillard Studies – ‘Applied Baudrillard’ (Oxford, UK)

Richard G Smith. Baudrillard’s Photographic Theory