Special Issue – Remembering Baudrillard

…a forgetting wind stole over the celestial kind (Emerson, Uriel, 1847)

Thought’s Profound Grief

Maurice Blanchot of Friendship and Death


Gerry Coulter. Until We No Longer Speak His Name

Memorial Colloquium. “Baudrillard – Commemorating the Conspiracies of His Art” International Association for Philosophy and Literature (Annual Meetings – Nicosia, Cyprus, June, 2007)

Joseph Tanke. Thinking the Viral Within the Twilight of Values

Leslie Curtis. Baudrillard, I Will Personally Guide You through Documenta 12

Gerry Coulter. Jean Baudrillard’s Writing About Writing

Remembrances From The Academy

John Armitage. Baudrillard’s Successful Assault on Sociology

Jon Baldwin. “It will happen to me soon”: Death sentence, Baudrillard, Aphorisms

Jean Baudrillard. Sabotaging The Image

Simon Blackburn. The Last of the Great French Postmodernists

Rex Butler. The Postmodern Agent Provocateur

René Capovin. Baudrillard in Polvere [In Italian]

Alan Cholodenko. THE FUTUR◊FALL RAP

Gerry Coulter. Jean Baudrillard: Remembering a Writer… a Photographer… and a Friend

Marcello Faletra. Il riso di Jean Baudrillard [Italian]

Mike Gane. Postmodernist Provocateur (The Times Obituary).

Gary Genosko. Baudrillard’s Contributions to Semiotic and Structural Studies

Chris Horrocks. Jean Baudrillard: “Outlaw” Cultural Theorist

Steven H. Jones. On Leaving and Being Left – A Tribute to Jean Baudrillard

Douglas Kellner. A Good Long Run

Arthur Kroker. The Spirit of Jean Baudrillard – In Memoriam (1929-2007)

C.J.P. Lee. Becks & Posh and Baudrillard in Utopian America

Sylvere Lotringer. Baudrillard : Asymmetrical Philosopher

Geert Lovink and Mackenzie Wark. Radical Sadness

Robert Maggiori. Le sexe, le langage, les signes, la marchandise, la guerre… Rien n’a échappé aux analyses paradoxales du sociologue (The Libération Obituary [French])

Daniel Miller. Forget (only the later) Baudrillard

William A. Nericcio. The “Go-To” Theorist and Seductive Hallucinations of the “Mexican” in America

Trevor Norris. Jean Baudrillard’s Radical Questioning

Benjamin Noys. Can We Fight DNA?

William Pawlett. Two Appointments with Baudrillard

Richard Pope. Baudrillard’s Simulacrum: Of War, Terror, and Obituaries

Carlin Romano. Death of A Clown

Scott Stephens. The Rushdie of the West: Remembering Jean Baudrillard

Paul Taylor. The Death Of A Symbol In King Herod’s Crèche

Emily Theriault. Seduced But Not Abandoned

Remembrances From Elsewhere

“My double is wandering through the networks…” (Jean Baudrillard. Impossible Exchange, Verso, 2001:15).

Michael Agger. Baudrillard: An Irreplaceable Original (Slate.com)

Victoria Z. Alexander. Wither Baudrillard’s World? (Izinsiz Gosteri)

Antigram. Remembering A Courageous Gesture By Baudrillard (Antigram Website)

Apocryphist Prima. It Takes A Simulacrum to Know One (Apocryphist Website)

Thomas Assheuer. Der Letzte Prophet (Die Zeit [German])

Michael Austin. Forgetting Baudrillard / The Death of Dreams and the Dream of Death…

Julian Baggini. The Shadow of His Former Self (Guardian)

The BBC Obituary. French Theorist Baudrillard Dies (BBC.com)

Kim Clune. May Paradise Look Nothing Like Disneyland (Brain Drain)

Patricia Cohen. Jean Baudrillard: Critic and Prolific Author (New York Times)

Tyler Cowan. No More Books (Marginal Revolution)

Dead Author. Baudrillard never Existed For Me (Dead Author.com)

Christian Delacampagne. Le Monde Obituary

The Economist Obituary: Jean Baudrillard, Philosopher of Consumerism

Tim Footman. He Made Us Feel So Hyperreal (Guardian Unlimited)

Robert Fulford. A French Intellectual – In The Worst Sense Of The Term – (National Post)

Global Game. Remembering Baudrillard on Football Violence (Global Game Website)

Douglas Groothius. Jean Baudrillard is Dead: Reflections (Constructive Curmudgeon Website)

Stacy Hardy. Baudrillard vs. Captain America (I Like Magazine)

Owen Hatherley. Leaving Las Vegas (Nastybrutalistandshort Website)

David Hopkins. Life over the Edge: Baudrillard and the X-Treme (The Next Wave website)

Les Humains Associés. Jean Baudrillard (suite et fin) (Humains Associés Website)

Imomus. Postmortem on Obituaries For Baudrillard: The Virtual World Fails to Describe the One Who Described It. (Imomus LiveJournal)

K-Punk. “My Death Is Everywhere, My Death Dreams…” (K-Punk Website)

The Last Vehicle. Burying A Ghost – Not An Obituary (Last Vehicle Website)

Sam Leith. One Of These Comic Heroes Really Is Dead (The Daily Telegraph)

Truls Lie. Jean Baudrilalrd: The Art of Disappearing

David Lomax. The End of Baudrillard and the End of Reality (Hawkins\Brown Website)

Karina Longworth. Jean Baudrillard and American Popular Culture (Vidiocy Website)

Les Nouvel Observateur Remembrances From America: Gary Indiana, Sylvere Lotringer, Douglas Kelner, Norman M. Klein, Mark Poster, Mackenzie Wark, Peter Halley, Paul D. Miller, Avital Ronell, Rosalind Kraus, Kathryn Bigelow, Jim Fletcher, Tim Griffin, Chris Kraus, Michael silverblatt, Michael Tolkin, Lawrence D. Kritzman, and Eric Gans (nouvelobs.com) [French]

Love the Book. Distinguishing Between Image and Reality (Love The Book Website)

Robert Mackey. The Iraq War Is Virtually Taking Place (The Lede)

Masticator. Baudrillard and The Desert of the Real (The Masticator Website)

J. Clive Matthews. Baudrillard and the Place of the Intellectual (Agoravox Website)

Scott McLemee – Remember Baudrillard. (Inside Higher Education)

Paul François Paoli. Jean Baudrillard l’inclassable [French]

Robin Parmar. Jean Baudrillard: How To Disappear Completely (Noise Theatre Website)

Stephen Poole. Philosopher and sociologist who blurred the boundaries between reality and simulation (Guardian Unlimited)

Sam Prestridge. Captain America, Baudrillard, and America’s Hyperreal President (Flagpole Website)

Richard Prouty. Jean Baudrillard Est Mort (One Way Street Website)

Raincoaster. The Deaths of Ernest Gallo, Jean Baudrillard, and Captain America (Raincoaster website)

Richard. Constantly Shifting Reality (Richard is Retired Website)

Timothy Ruggiero. The Baudrillardian Strategy – Looking Into The Killer’s Eyes

Attilio Scarpellini. Bonjour, Baudrillard [Italian]

Charles de Selby. “Generating” Baudrillard: Cultural Theory and Baudrillardist Hyperreality.

Stefan Steinberg. Jean Baudrillard: Former Radical Influenced by Stalinism (World Socialist Website)s

The Telegraph Obituary for Jean Baudrillard

Shelley Walia. All that is solid melts into air (The Hindu Magazine)

G. Christopher Williams. The Death of Jean Baudrillard Did Not Take Place (Popmatters Website)

Elaine Woo. Baudrillard kept a sharp eye on blurry reality (LA Times)

XWL. More Real Than the Original (Immodest Proposals Website)

Zonenkinder Collective. Street Art Memorial for Jean Baudrillard