The Internet thinks me. The Virtual thinks me. My double is wandering through the networks, where I shall never meet him. For that parallel universe has no relation to this one. It is an artifical transcription of it, but it does not reflect it. The Virtual is no longer the potentially real, as it once was. Non referential – orbital and exorbital – it is never again intended to meet up with the real world. Having absorbed the original, it produces the world as undecidable. (Jean Baudrillard. Impossible Exchange. New York: Verso, 2001:15).


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The Prospects of Radical Politics – Baudrillard and Zizek

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Interview with Baudrillard

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Baudrillard on DVD

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Engaging Baudrillard: Papers From Swansea

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Ralf Nuhn. The Insemination of the Celibate Machine?

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