Power and Virtuality

Melanie Chan. Virtually Real and Really Virtual: Baudrillard’s Procession of Simulacrum and The Matrix

Paula Murphy. The Simulacra of Global Conflict

Theory As Challenge

Jesse Owen Hearns-Branaman. “Must we ourselves not become gods?” The Visual Theories of Foucault, Debord and Baudrillard in Explaining Contemporary Power Structures

Maximilien Nayaradou. Terrorism As A Violent Way of Sharing Death in Baudrillard’s Theory

Paul Taylor. Baudrillard’s Resistance To the Ob-scene As the Mis-en-scene (Or, Refusing to Think Like a Lap-Dancer’s Client)

Too Much Is Too Much

Jean Baudrillard. The Racing Driver and his Double

Jean Baudrillard. Simulation and Transaesthetics: Towards the Vanishing Point of Art

Gerry Coulter. The Novelist of Memory and the Catastrophe of Images: Sebald’s The Emigrants and the Thought of Jean Baudrillard

Marc J. LaFountain. Obscene Ethics: A Baudrillardian View of Spurlock’s Super Size Me

Ryland Johnson. Baudrillard’s Butterfly Athleticism

Jeff Roberts and Alex McVey. Affirmation – Being Resolved in Becoming Resolution

Book Reviews

David Goicoechea. An Aporetic, or Nominalist, or Passionate, or Existentialist Approach. A Review of Marko Zlomislic. Jacques Derrida’s Aporetic Ethics, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2007

Victoria Grace. Fluid, Mutable, Plural, Posthuman Subjectivities — A Radical Project for Feminism