Special Issue: Baudrillard and Politics

We are now in the transpolitical sphere; in other words, we have reached the zero-point of politics, a stage which also implies the reproduction of politics, its endless simulation. For everything that has not successfully transcended itself can only fall prey to revivals without end. So politics will never finish disappearing — nor will it allow anything else to emerge in its place. A kind of hysteresis of the political reigns (Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil. New York: Verso, [1990] 1993:11).


Jon Baldwin. Exacerbation, Singularity, Indifference: Baudrillard and Politics


Ross Abbinnett. Machiavelli’s Double: Power, Simulation, and Hyper-Sovereignty

Craig Anderson. Modes of Resistance: Baudrillard on Irony, Virno on Ambivalence, and Hardt and Negri on Joy

Jon Baldwin. Potlatch Politics — Baudrillard’s Gift

Brian Gogan. A Carnival of Rights: Baudrillard, Bakhtin, and the Rhetoric of the 2009 “Serfs Liberation Day”

Ingrid M. Hoofd. Feminist Aspirations Degree Zero: A Seductive Encounter with/for Jean Baudrillard

Peter Hulm. Occupy everyone: Baudrillard and the Tea Party

Bradley Kaye. Dreams, Madness, and Hallucinating History with Jean Baudrillard

Michael Klosinski. Transpolitics, The Fractal, and Freedom in the East – The Political Metaphors of Jean Baudrillard and Linakges to Jacques Derrida

James Lawler. The King Must Die: Pataphysical Exegesis of an American Presidency

Jason Royce Lindsey. Baudrillard’s Simulated Polics and Debord’s Agents of Detournement

Shawn Malley. Archaeology as Weapon of Mass Destruction

Ole Jacob Madsen. Baudrillard and Videocracy: The Virtual Absence of the Political

Benjamin Noys. Forget Neoliberalism? Baudrillard, Foucault, and the Fate of Political Critique

Georgios Papadopoulos. Jean Baudrillard and the Lacanian Left

Francesco Proto. Berlusconi and Other Hostages: Politics and Simulation

William Purcell. The Pleasures of Domination: The G20 and Pittsburg, 2009

Steve Redhead. The Agony of Power / The Power of Agony: Post-Baudrillard Theory and Post-Political Politics

Agnieszka Zietek. Baudrillard and Politics – from the Breakthrough of 1989 to September 11, 2001