ISSN: 1705-6411
Volume 15, Number 1 (November 2018)
Author: Nick Ruiz

In remembrance of Gerry Coulter – and Jean Baudrillard; two dear friends and kindred souls departed. See you in eternity.

Where the Difficulty Lies {from the record album: Nick Ruiz, Au.ral (2017)}

Broken people
broken lives
broken times

We’re a hell of a way,
from where
we come from

Rodin’s man
Mahonri’s ‘tired man’

The slow night
Gives way
To the truth,
always more, more, more
than can be said

Noisy people,
waving flags,
every season
crying crowds,
Dying loud
for postal regions

The centaurs laugh
Line the queues

See you there
on black Friday,
for cherry pie,
and disco

A Solar wind
A drowning Earth
A sinking ocean

all God’s plan

Where the difficulty lies